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Hey I'm new, I just joined this community. I joined it to just put in random thoughts, meet new people, and... um yeah, just post about whatever. My name is Adrienne, and I'm almost 16 (I will be 16 on april 22nd). I'm writing this at school right now, in the asc fer I am bored and a fuckin lj-addict LOL. Anyway, yeah.

I'm thinking of changing the layout of my journal, but I'm not exactly sure what to do... I'm thinking more color tho, like hot pink or something, I think that'd be really cool. U can click my username if u wanna see the layout I have on my journal right now. I like it and everything, its just that I get bored with my layouts and my colors after a while and I'm in the mood for a change. What should I do? I wanna use hot pink, but I already made this one background which was a pain in the ass to make (and its black and white), but... yeah. Any suggestions? Please reply if u have any ideas.

Also, I have an account at, its like this artsy-type website where u can submit anything like poems, prose, drawings, paintings, etc. to go to mine its . Hmmm... not much else to write, hope I make new friends from this community! Later!

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Does anyon know a good website that I can download music from...without having to download a special downloading program like Winmx or anything? I need somewhere to download from, but I'm not allowed to download a specific program.

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oh lucy what went wrong

i want to give collective kisses & cookies to everyone who has joined!! you guys are rad x 1000000000005.

i woke up with horrible tummy pains this morning. thier gone now..but yeah. i think its my nerves..because i have to get my [oral] surgery on tuesday. blah. not looking foward to it.

some songs for you to download!
"Lucy's Shoe"- Spacehog
"Human Fly"- The Cramps
"Little Fat Baby"- Sparklehorse

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Hi hello!!

I joined cos Maribeth is just such a cool awesome person... and I want a kiss & cookie XD

Uhm... nothing more to say... except for Chili Peppers RAWK!!! ;X
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